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August 2, 2019

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The Effects of Marijuana

There has been a tremendous use of marijuana following its legalization in several parts of the United States. The reason as to why marijuana has been legalized is because it has been thought to be a light drug. Various people have different perceptions and therefore this has caused anxieties of knowing the effects of using marijuana. One of the effects of marijuana is getting high although its legally accepted use is for medical applications. In reality, the use of this drug will result to effects which are very intoxicating and they ought to be noted by the users. This is attributed to the different feelings which each individual will have after the intake of weed as their sensitivity will be widely varied. The impacts of weed have been pointed out on this article.

One of the impacts of using weed is that your senses of perceptions will be affected. The sensitivity of people to marijuana is different hence when they get high on marijuana, the levels are not standard. Some people will have to use more quantities than others of marijuana so as to get almost similar effects. Hallucinations are some of the possible effects of using marijuana which could be noted. You will feel things to be different as opposed to their realistic nature when high on marijuana. More severe perceptions than you will have experiences when sober will be noted when high on weed. When sober, you will not enjoy music as you will do when you will have gone high after using marijuana hence there is a possibility that there will be an effect on using weed. You will have your appetite levels affected since the use of weed will affect your sense of taste.

Another effect of the use of marijuana is on the mental state and the mood. Your overlook on the world will be varied when you will have got high on marijuana. Since weed exaggerates your state of emotions just like alcohol, you are more likely to get your mood affected. The realistic part of nature will not be felt by those who will have used marijuana and such perception alterations will be different among the various users of cannabis.

The presence of THC chemical compound in weed is responsible for such resulting effects of its use. Most of the people think that these effects are due to the dopamine content but that’s not it. Felling high is a result that is triggered by this bliss molecule on the neurotransmitter that is responsible for happiness called anadamide. Other senses of the body will also be affected when anadamide is triggered.

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