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August 11, 2019

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Guideline For Stopping The IRS Levy

The IRS may legally seize the right to or any property owned by the taxpayer or to which they have an interest in if they are unsuccessful in the tax collection. This is the tax levy, which unlike the tax lien is the seizure of the assets and not just the claim. These asses and rights to property that they can seize range from the wages to the money that you may have in your bank account, from the rental, income to the dividends, from the licenses to the accounts receivable, from the life insurance cash loan value to the commissions and the social security benefits. They many even seize and sell some of your property for the satisfaction of the tax like your real estate, car and a boat and this is the last thing that anyone needs. The state income tax refund and the federal tax refund that you may owe additionally may also be applied to the tax liability.

The tax levy is the highest pressure tax collection tactic that they can impose on you and if this befalls you then you have to urgently get it released. There are law and procedures however that bind the IRS that are designed mainly to protect you regardless of the fact that they are the collection agency of the government. There is a lot of information about these rights and the collections process, but there is still information on basic action that you tax take to ensure the reduction of the tax liability, that you will never get from directly contacting the IRS. This is because they expect that you know your rights in such a situation and how to execute them. This is basically to say in simple terms that the IRS will not help you but rather just collect because that is their job.

There are however a tax relief companies that can help you here and secure the mopes favorable outcome for you, and protect you from the IRS collection. There will however be a good number of them out there and choosing the right one is everything here because they are not all made the same. There are bodies like BBB where you can get information on how they are doing out there, recommendations from other people that you know and also the other online resources. Your assets are very important and that reputable, experienced and professionals team of experts that you choose should be worth it.

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