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August 23, 2019

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Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Earth Auger

Many tools designed for digging holes are available. The different tools available offer varying levels of functionality and ease of work. Digging a hole requires an effort but with the right tool the task is not exhausting. An earth auger is a tool that is suitable for digging holes. Earth augers typically consist of a helical blade and a drill bit. Unlike traditional tools, digging a posthole with an earth auger is easier. You will have to put in a lot of effort when you are using tools such as posthole diggers and shovels. Using them causes strain to the back and neck since bending is necessary. Earth augers are designed to be used while standing and therefore don’t have this problem. Earth augers come in a wide range of brands and models. You should ensure that the earth auger offers you the functionality you are looking for. Many factors should be weighed in when you are choosing an earth auger. Below are the factors that should be put into consideration.

You should educate yourself on the different types of earth augers available before purchasing one. The hand-auger is the simplest type available. They are portable and lightweight. These earth augers come in handy when drilling holes for farming purposes or planting trees. Hand augers are best for doing small tasks and come at a low cost. One-man auger is another type. This type is more powerful than a hand auger. They are perfect for drilling deeper holes and are powered by an engine or battery. They also tend to be lightweight and provide ease of use making them ideal for putting up a small fence. A two-man auger is the other type available. Of the three types, this one os the most powerful. They are useful when digging more holes and holes that are deeper.

Another important consideration that should be made is the size of the auger. The size you buy will depend on the depth of the hole you need and also the diameter of the hole. For deeper holes, the engine must be powerful enough and also have longer drill bits. Digging deeper holes will be possible when you have an extender. Functionality should be offered by the earth auger purchased. It is important to consider the diameter of the auger. Augers that have an eight-nine inch diameter are ideal for larger posts. The size of the auger should be ideal for the use it’s intended for.

Consider these factors when you are choosing an earth auger.

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